Baby Born on Delhi - Bengaluru Flight

In a surprising turn of events, a pregnant woman delivers a baby boy on a Delhi-Bengaluru IndiGo flight.

On a Delhi Bengaluru IndiGo flight, a pregnant woman passenger delivered a baby boy on Wednesday 7th October. The IndiGo crew was able to help the woman in her delivery when the baby boy was prematurely born. Several photos and videos from the IndiGo flight showing the crew and passengers applauding the woman and her baby were viral on social media. In one video, IndiGo ground staff and other crew members were applauding when the woman and her newborn baby were coming out of the plane. Photos and videos of the woman and her baby were clicked along with the crew, pilot and the doctors who helped her in the process. As the woman got off the plane, IndiGo officials welcomed the baby and her mother to Bengaluru in a mini celebration with posters.

Two days after the incidence, the pilot of the plane, Captain Sanjay Mishra, Ex- IAF shared his experience on social media. Captain Sanjay Mishra said that initially the pregnant lady was feeling a little restless and she had not eaten anything. She was given fluids and something to eat. But later on her restlessness increased and she complained of stomach pain. Fortunately there were two famous doctors on-board the flight. One was a plastic surgeon and another one Dr Sailaja a gynaecologist and an obstetrics surgeon. He added that when the flight was near Bhopal the crew informed him that the pregnant woman was bleeding and she had suffered an abortion. Suddenly there was screaming, shouting and clapping and a faint cry of a newborn. It was a baby boy! Sources also said that IndiGo may offer free tickets to the baby boy for life.