Army Officer Helps Deaf Boy in Kashmir

An army officer Major Kamlesh Mani, met a deaf boy during his posting in Kashmir. See the video to know how he helped the dfeaf boy and they became friends.

Major Kamlesh Mani, is an officer in the Indian Army. He began serving the army in 2013. Since one year, he has been stationed in Chanjmulla village, in Kashmir.  He is a part of the 21 Rashtriya Rifles Regiment. Major Mani studied at Military School Bangalore. After this, he received his army training at National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla, Pune. In 2013, Mani received the President's Gold Medal, in the Indian Military Academy. Mani presented this medal to his school as a sign of respect. 

In July 2020, Mani was on his usual patrol route in Chanjmulla village of Kashmir. While patrolling, he met a young 16 year old boy. His name was Gawhaur Mir. Gawhaur is a resident of the same village. He was born deaf. Gawhaur has a big family of  nine members, of whom, four are deaf. Mani offered the boy a chocolate, and the two of them bonded. The two of them met a few times, and Gawhaur also visited Major Mani at his army camp. Mani gifted him shoes, and the next day, Gawhaur wanted to gift Major Mani a box of apples. However, Major Mani wasn’t in the camp at that time. Gawhaur waited till Major Mani returned. The other officers at the camp offered Gawhaur food and clothes, but he wouldn’t take anything. The moment Major Mani returned, Gawhaur ran to him and greeted him. Only after this did Gawhaur eat something.

Major Mani met the boy's family, and decided to pay for Gauhars education and medical expenses. The family was emotional, and very happy that someone wanted to help them. Gawhaur studied in a Baramulla School, but he was not happy as the teachers there would beat him. Now, Major Mani has admitted Gawhaur to another school in Handwara, where there is a teacher to take care of Gawhaurs needs. Gawhaur currently studies in std 9. Major Mani has paid for his books, uniform and school fees. He has also bought Gawhaur a smartphone, so they can always stay in touch.

Major Mani has offered to take the boy to Delhi for check up and Gawhaurs family has given Major Mani permission to take Gauhar wherever needed. 

Major Mani said that he was not worried about anything, when he became friends with Gawhaur. He hopes that his gesture changes the mindset of the people.