Angry Over Love Marriage Father Raped & Murder’s Daughter

In a case of honour killing in Ratibad in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal district, a 55-year-old man allegedly raped and killed his daughter

In Ratibad in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal district, a 55-year-old man had 2 daughters and 1 son. Last year one of his daughters who was 24 years old got married to a man from a different caste. The father was extremely unhappy with the incident as many people in the society taunted him for his daughter’s love marriage. The girl never came to visit her family after the wedding. She even gave birth to a baby. 2 weeks back she visited her elder sister’s home for Diwali with the baby who was 5 months old. Unfortunately, her baby died of an illness there. The elder sister called their father to inform him of what had happened, he said. The father then reached the elder sister’s home with his son. The father said took the daughter to a forest to bury the baby. The son also went along with them. The father took the girl inside the forest. He made the son stand a kilometer away to keep an eye on passerby people. The father then raped his daughter right next to the dead body of her baby. After raping her, he then strangled her to death. 

He took revenge, because he was very angry that she married a man from another caste and spoiled his name. The father and son left the daughter and the infant's dead body in the forest and then returned home and informed the elder sister about what they did. The elder sister was shocked. The duo threatened her to keep quiet. So the sister did not say anything. Then the girl’s husband filed a police complaint as his wife was missing. He was even suspicious about the girl’s family. The family just said that the girl went missing. Then around 10-12 days later, the girl and the baby’s dead body was found in the forest by a forest officer. They realised it was a missing girl and reached the girl’s home. That’s when the father confessed and he was arrested.