Ahead of G20 Summit, Nagpur Bans Begging on Roads

The Nagpur police issues an order prohibiting beggars from gathering at places.

The Nagpur police on 8th March 2023 issued an order prohibiting beggars from gathering at places like traffic junctions, footpaths, traffic islands and dividers in the city. This order was passed due to the rising complaints of harassment of motorists and pedestrians. Section 144 has been issued, which bans the gathering of four or more people in a particular area. As per the order issued by Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar, the restrictions will be effective from 9th March till 30th April. It is being reported that the ban is due to the G20 summit that is to take place on 19th and 20th March in Nagpur. However, Kumar agreed that the presence of beggars on the streets brings bad name to the city at a time when it is being beautified in view of the G20 summit. But he also said that the decision has been taken also due to other pressing issues. He underlined the fact that many beggars had been indulging in 'objectionable acts' compelling people to part with money. Kumar said beggars have also been a source of 'public nuisance' by obstructing smooth flow of traffic and also pedestrian movement.

As per the order, the offenders would be sent behind bars for a period of one month or up to six months along with fine. From 9th March 2023 onwards, Nagpur Police and Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) personnel would conduct joint action to ensure all individuals or groups are shifted to beggars' home, government shelters or such places with the help of NGOs. Kumar said those found begging on the streets would be offered help to return to their native places, if they seek assistance for leaving the city.