Aadhar Card Helps Lost Deaf Boy Meet Parents

A 14 year deaf boy was united with his parents 2 years later with the help of his Aadhar card.

A 14 year old Deaf boy was found at Nagpur railway station by the Railway Police. Since the boy did not know Sign Language, he was unable to communicate with the police and tell them his name and address. The Railway Police then took him to Government Boys Children Home in Patankar Chowk. Authorities of the shelter home tried to communicate with the boy through different means and even called in experts but they could not get any information from him.  The authorities then named the boy Jayant. 

Superintendent of the shelter home Vinod Daberao said, “We tried to make an Aadhar Card for the boy. When we took the boy to the Aadhar centre, they took his image and biometrics but his details were getting rejected repeatedly. We then took the boy to the Mankapur Aadhar Centre on 16 July 2021. Technical support department in Bengaluru was requested to help. It was then found that his Aadhaar card had already been made in 2016 in Itauri Bazar in Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh and that his name was Shivam Chauhan. Local police managed to contact his parents on 27 July and the boy was handed over to his family on August 3.” 

The boy’s father reached  Government Boys Children Home to pick him up. When both of them saw each other, they were overcome with emotion and hugged each other. Both of them were crying. The father said they never lodged a complaint that Shivam had gone missing but they never stopped looking for him. They are very happy to have been reunited with him and are very grateful to the authorities.