WDAY Helps Poor & Contributes Haryana CM Relief Fund.

Welfare of Deaf Association Yamunanagar (WDAY), distributed food to the poor and contributed funds to the Haryana Corona Relief Fund.

In Haryana's Yamunanagar, there is an association named, WDAY, which was founded in 2019. Their President is Rajiv Dutta and General Secretary is Radheshyam. When PM Modi extended the lockdown for the second time, Treasurer Shivam Singla and the General Secretary discussed that the poor were suffering and starving due to the lockdown extensions. They then decided, shared a video contacting Deaf people in Yamunanagar for funds and raised Rs 20,708.

Since the funds collected were insufficient, they approached the Board who agreed to contribute. They purchased 20 kg rice, carrots, salt, cauliflower and peas. At 5:00pm, they delivered these items to a temple that cooks and distributes food for charity. The temple then began cooking the food early in the morning and distributed it in the afternoon. However, the entire Board was not able to be at the temple due to the strict lockdown. Those living close by in Yamunanagar such as the President, Vice President Himanshu Aggarwal, General Secretary and some Deaf individuals reached the temple to serve food to everyone.

Yamunanagar's News channel name "24 hours Today News" also broadcasted this news. Deaf and Hearing individuals came together to serve food to the poor. The poor people were very happy to receive the food. Rs 21,000 donated by WDAY and Deaf individuals was made into a cheque by WDAY. This was given to the Haryana Corona Relief Fund. The President, General Secretary and Treasurer met Haryana's Education Minister Kanwar Pal Gujjar and handed over the cheque. The minister then gave the money to the fund.

HDDWA in Gurgaon wrote a letter to WDAY saying they were raising funds for the Haryana Corona Relief Fund. After a discussion, the Board then agreed to donate Rs 2,100. We applaud WDAY efforts for such an honourable initiative.