Sudeep Shukla to Become the First Deaf MLA

Sudeep Shukla, a deaf man contests in elections for the MLA in India

For the first time in the country a deaf man will be contesting for elections in the state assembly. If sudeep shukla wins, he will become the first deaf MLA in the country.

Sudeep was a software engineer. He has an MSc in Information and Technology from Alagappa University in Chennai. He worked at infosys Infosys and earned Rs.1 lakh every month. He will run for the election in Satna, Madhya Pradesh.

He was always very sad at the difficulties the the deaf community faced. This well qualified young man decided to give up everything and work for his community.

Sudeep has received support from many important people in the society. He will have an interpreter who will help him communicate with the hearing.

He is very angry about the high death, starvation and unemployment rate in Madhya Pradesh. He wants to bring the problems of the deaf community out to all the politicians and is ready to work very hard for it. He demands reservation of seats for the disabled group.

According to him “This country does not need those who can speak and hear but those who can perform”. If Sudeep wins the elections, it will make all the deaf community proud.