Government Meets Protesting Farmers

Representatives from farmers groups protesting against the Centre's new farm laws and have held talks with the government to address their concerns.

Currently, thousands of farmers are protesting in Delhi for the last 8 days. They are protesting the 3 farm laws that were passed by the government. 35 Representatives from farmers groups had a meeting with the government yesterday 3rd December for the 4th time. Farm leaders have demanded a special session of the Parliament to be conducted to fully repeal/remove the law. However, the government stands firm that the laws are intended to benefit farmers. After the meeting, some farmer leaders said the government accepted that the laws had some issues. Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said the government will consider strengthening the Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) among other demands.

Tomar appealed to protesting farmers to call off the protests as the government is holding meetings and will surely come up with a solution. At the meeting, farmers were offered lunch by the government. But the farmers refused the government’s lunch and instead ate food that was delivered by a van. The food was prepared by a Gurdwara. The farmers even refused to have tea in the evening with the ministers. Another meeting will be held between farmers & government officials tomorrow 5th December.