Deaf Boy Has IQ Higher Than Einstein

World’s largest and oldest high IQ society in the world, Mensa invites 12-year-old Deaf boy to join their Under-17 group. This boy from United Kingdom has an IQ higher than that of Albert Einstein and

Mensa is the largest and oldest High IQ society in the world. Anyone with an IQ higher than 140 is considered to be a “Genius”. A 12-year-old boy from Lancashire, scored 162 in an IQ test. Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking were believed to have an IQ of 160.Darren’s IQ is more than that of these scientists. He said that he was not expecting such a high score, because he thought many of his answers were wrong. Despite this, the schoolboy says that he considers himself “smart but not quite a genius”.

Darren Toh was born Deaf.This has not stopped him from pursuing his passion. Darren is a musician. He is extremely passionate about Piano and Saxophone.He has been invited to join the small Under-17 group of Mensa. In the Northwest region of the world, there are only 105 members.