3 Organisations in Hyderabad Support 150 Deaf During Lockdown

Three associations in Hyderabad have come together to distribute food to 150 Deaf individuals. Watch our latest video to learn about them.

In Telangana, Hyderabad, there is an association named TDCA. It is a cricket association that encourages matches among youth and adults. Their General Secretary is G. Raja Ram. He saw that due to the COVID-19 lockdown there are many Deaf suffering due to unemployment, financial problems, etc. Mr. Ram decided to support such individuals.

He approached various cricketers, who agreed to support him. Even female cricketers agreed and that's how they collected funds. Chand Pasha Former President of MDWA, also extended his support. Phin Foundation's Director V. Janaki supported the initiative by offering a hall. Phin Foundation, MDWA and the TDCA worked together and distributed food packages. Deaf individuals were told to gather at the venue organised by the Phin Foundation.

Volunteers created the food packages that contained rice, wheat, oil, salt, sugar, tea leaves, etc. Volunteers helped to form their packages. 150 Deaf individuals who were facing difficulties to make ends meet were invited and given the packages. Deaf individuals were very happy to receive the packages. They were very thankful to the TDCA, Phin Foundation and MDWA. We applaud them for their efforts!