27 People Travelling in an Auto-Rickshaw Breaks the World Record?

The video of the cops counting passengers coming out of an Auto-Rickshaw one by one has massively gone viral on social media.

Uttar Pradesh is known for the shocking and weird incident, In one such shocking incident which has been reported from Uttar Pradesh police officials were left stunned after they stopped an over-speeding auto only and found that the driver was carrying 26 passengers and 1 Driver, including the elderly and children.The video of the cops counting passengers one by one has massively gone viral on social media. The incident was reported from the Fatehpur district in UP.

The auto was first spotted near the Bindki Kotwali area of Fatehpur when the cops checked the speed gun and found it to be overspeeding. The speeding auto was then chased down by the Uttar Pradesh police. When they finally managed to pull over the Auto Rickshaw, the officials began deboarding passengers. They were stunned to see 27 people, all cramped up, including the driver, coming out of the auto one by one.

The auto has since been seized. However, soon after the video surfaced on the internet many users started making fun of the incident. A person while sharing the same wrote, "27 people in 1 auto, I request Indian govt. to declare this auto as district officially”. Another one tweeted, "27 people in an auto-rickshaw? Surely it must be a world record." A person called them Khatron Ke Khiladi and tweeted, "Sharing is Daring Khatron Ke Khiladi” Whereas some other people even trolled the Uttar Pradesh police as they stopped the Auto Driver to break into the Guinness Book of World Records.

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