MBA Celebrates International Deaf Day

The Mookbadhir Association in Nashik, Maharashtra celebrated International Deaf Day by organising a lovely programme. Many Deaf individuals participated and ISH News representatives interviewed many D

The Mookbadhir Association in Nashik, Maharashtra organised a programme for International Deaf Day. The programme provided awareness to Deaf individuals related to acquiring land for development and encouraging children to use sign language. It created awareness regarding the importance of sign language as well. 

ISH News representative interviewed Jaysingh Kale the General Secretary of Mookbadhir Association and Prakash Phadke the Founder & President of Mookbadhir Association. They spoke about their history with the association and their aim for the deaf community in India. 

Sadik Pathan a member was also interviewed. His association for the DeafBlind made a generous donation as well. Minu Baviskar as strong Deaf woman leader from Nashik spoke about Rights for women’s rights.