Latest Update in SAE & PIFGS Deaf Scam Case

Watch our video for the latest update in the SAE & PIFGS double money scam.

Since we released our last video about the double money scam, many Deaf individuals met API Amol Kale in Pune. Deaf individuals wanted to return the profits earned and those who have lost all their money, want help to get their money back. However many of these Deaf people are unable to travel to Pune as they stay in various parts of India. Many are having problems communicating with the cops. There is a lot of misunderstanding over the amount of investment and the amount lost. Deaf investors are unable to write their applications. Now API Amol Kale has said that the Deaf person does not have to travel to Pune. They have to send their application with all details of the investment, profit/loss, etc. Attach bank statements of the relevant transactions, include DD for the particular amount and post them to this address. All the details have to be clearly mentioned. Please remember, that there is a difference between DD & cheque. You have to go to the bank, give a cheque and ask the bank to help make a DD for you. This is what a DD looks like. The DD should be in the name of the District Judge Pune. The Bank will type this on the DD and put a tape on it. You have to attach this DD with the bank statement & application and send it to the police in Pune. 

There is a lot of confusion about all of this and many Deaf people have asked us for help. In order to help the Deaf Community, the ISH News team of interpreters have offered their services for a small fee. If you have invested in the double money scam, call us on this number. Our Interpreter will help you write your application to ensure the police can investigate and there is no misunderstanding. Video Calling time is from: 11am to 3pm (Mon - Friday), 9am to 11am (Saturday). Here are the contact details. +91 86579 80725. If you have any other questions or doubts you can contact us.