ISLIA Organises All India Interpreters Workshop

Indian Sign Language Interpreters Association (ISLIA) had organised a workshop for interpreters to advance their skills. ISH News interviews their President Monica Punjabi, General Secretary Kinjal Sh

Indian Sign Language Interpreters Association (ISLIA) founded in 2008. They had organised a workshop on 23rd and 24th March 2019.Their President is Monica Punjabi and General Secretary Kinjal Shah organised the entire workshop. ISLIA organised this two day workshop, to help interpreters focus on the Ethics of Interpretation and advance their interpreting skills. Experienced Interpreters as well as freshers attended the program.  

The Deaf community is extremely empowered and has started fighting for their rights.There is severe need of interpreters to help translate Deaf persons impassionate arguments while protesting. Many interpreters fail to translate this. This workshop helped to train interpreters. Resource Persons like Atiya Hajee, Sapan Jain, Sunil Sahasrabudhe and Gaurav Verma attended this two-day workshop.

In the future, ISLIA plans to associate with Youth Association of the Deaf, India (YADI) and Indian Sign Language Teachers Association (ISLTA).Since 2011, they have a Joint Statement and Association with the All India Federation of the Deaf (AIFD)

Sunil Sahasrabudhe is the Vice-President of ISLIA. According to him, it is very important for Deaf persons to be involved in the hearing interpreter community,to bridge the gap between them.If Deaf persons work with hearing interpreters, they can help coordinate and help to solve any barriers that arise.Deaf persons train Hearing interpreters about Deaf point of views and the interpreters share their point of views as well.