ISH News Interprets PM Modi’s Speech | 75 Years of Indian Independence

As India completes 75 years of independence, ISH News in collaboration with PBNS will interpret PM Modi’s speech live. Watch our video for all the details.

This year India completes the 75th year of independence, while celebrating the 76th Independence Day. Like every year PM Modi will be addressing the nation from the Red Fort. Since this year we are completing 75 years, the speech is even more special. The entire country will be glued to the screens. But what about my Deaf brothers and sisters? Will they miss the important information? No, you too should be glued to the screens, as ISH News has collaborated with PBNS and will be interpreting the speech live! You can watch PM Modi’s speech, be proud of India, and celebrate the day with your hearing family as well. 

Watch the fully accessible speech on this link: When? On 15th August, at 7:30am

Also PM Modi had announced that everyone should put the national flag as their DP. See our previous news at this link: 

So ISH News has created this beautiful image for you in the Deaf own visual way. Do you want it? Click here to download the picture and put it as your DP on all social media platforms and you share it with all people.