The Christmas Challenge

ISH has created an exciting contest this Christmas, where the winner gets to experience an exciting opportunity at the ISH studio.

Aqil and Mansi are at the ISH office. They are both discussing the different types of content ISH is creating and thinking of ways to do more for the deaf community. They realise that they want to interact with their viewers and have them be more involved with the company.

The Christmas spirit seems to have given them an idea.

They have decided to conduct a contest this festive season. The rules of the contest are simple.

You have to take one video-shoot of yourself related to the topic of christmas. The video can be a dance, a drama, a song,etc.  The video can have maximum 3 participants. This contest has to be in ISL and is only for people living in India.

You can send your video via Whatsapp to this number 9967150695 or via email on this to this email id . You can start submitting your videos from today. The last date of the contest is 17 December 2018.

The ISH team will go through all the videos and select one winner. The winner will get the opportunity to visit the ISH studio. In the studio we will film your video similar to the video you had sent. We will professionally edit your video and distribute it so everyone will be able to witness your wonderful talents.

Let your creative juices flow, participate in the contest and get the chance to experience this wonderful opportunity.