How to Get More Videos from ISH News?

Mansi is confused and disappointed for not getting news / video updates and seeks help from Aqil who then shows her the basic steps of subscription.

Aqil and Rushabh are both having a conversation about ISH news. They are on their mobile phones, discussing the latest news and moral stories that was released by ISH. Mansi is very sad because she doesn't know the latest news released by ISH. She tries to ask the boys but they ignore her.

Suddenly a news is released by ISH and boys get very excited. Mansi is feeling very lost and sad. When Rushabh leaves Mansi asked Aqil why she is not getting the news by ISH. So Aqil asked her why has  she not Subscribed to ISH Youtube page.

He teaches her how to Subscribe to ISH youtube page. He tells her to click the Bell icon if she wants to get automatic notification.

She thanks Aqil and urges all the viewers to Subscribe and turn on the bell notification to get all the latest updates by ISH.