Hamzeh & Ajmal Meet in Kerala to Plan Future Projects

Hamzeh Frithek is from Palestine & Ajmal Jan have big projects for helping the Deaf. Watch our latest video for all the details!


Hamzeh Frithek is from Palestine & Ajmal Jan is from Kerala. We had released a video earlier about a couple who had run away from Nepal and were staying in Tamil Nadu. The house they lived in was extremely filthy and they were desperate for help. These boys helped them relocate to a house in Kerala and paid their rent. You may know about this. In connection to this, there is a programme in Ernakulam, Kerala on 16th January 2022. Hamzeh was supposed to attend the event but couldn't make it due to conflicting schedules. He has promised to come to Kerala in the next two weeks. In his place, Ajmal Jan would be attending the event as the chief guest. The event is being organised by the EDDF. The programme also includes a food distribution drive for the poor.

Do you want to know whom to contact? You can contact EDDF's General Secretary Ameen. Secondly, here is something interesting. In Malappuram there is a vast piece of land and Ajmal would be going there to make inquiries. He intends to use the land for Deaf education, their development and providing tech education in the future. Ajmal & Hamzeh got to know about the land through Ashraf Kunnath GS of MDAD. Ajmal is incharge of all the inquiries and Hamzeh is there only for a visit. We will share an update on this soon. Thank You!