Farhan Akhtar Surprises Deaf Audience | Indian Sign Language | Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Farhan Akhtar surprises the Deaf Audience at the special screening of Bhaag Mikha Bhaag with ISL interpretation.

ISH and Viacom 18 warmly invite you all. Subtitles or Sign Language translation? What do you think is better?

Earlier when I saw movies, subtitles were hard to understand. Even ISL interpretation on the phone never satisfied me. Now when I saw the movie in the theatre, the size of the interpreter was large. I don't need subtitles, just the interpreter on the screen. Earlier there was only one interpreter. Now there were two interpreters interpreting the song and dialogues simultaneously. It was great! During the movie, when I didn't understand the spoken comedy, I would keep asking the interpreter. It's a waste of time. Now I can watch the interpretation and the hearing person can listen to the dialogues at the same time! Earlier there was no ISL interpretation. I understood very little. Now with the ISL interpretation, I understand everything. I was very busy to attend the screenings. Now that I was free, I came to watch the ISL screening and I had goosebumps. I never understood the subtitles. But now watching the ISL interpretation made me very emotional. This should be a must for all movies! ISH invited me for the screening. I completely understood the movie. Thank you ISH! I had seen the movie three times on TV. I couldn't understand the spoken dialogue, but I was very touched by the sports movie.

When Vicky invited me and Manish for the screening, I understood everything clearly! Thank you so much!

You saw Bhaag Milkha Bhaag 10 years back. Why did you come to watch the movie again? I came to watch the movie and I was very touched. I am very very happy to see the ISL interpretation! What about you? The ISL interpretation was very inspiring! I encourage ISH to interpret more movies in ISL! Thank you! From now on every weekend there must be movies with ISL interpretation! Yes, this must never stop! Thanks!