Deaf Matrimonial - Special Diwali Offer

Diwali special: Free 1-year membership for deaf females at Deaf Matrimonial, fostering connections in the deaf community in India.

Deaf Matrimonial, is a unique matrimony platform specifically designed for the deaf community. Deaf boys and girls who want to get married can register to the Deaf Matrimonial website at: 

In September & October 2023, Deaf Matrimonial has brought smiles to the faces of families across India. Meetings have taken place in various states between many deaf families from Deaf Matrimonial - Gujarat (5), Maharashtra (23), Karnataka (10), Uttar Pradesh (9), Madhya Pradesh (6), Tamil Nadu (9), Telangana (4), Punjab (5), Delhi (7), Haryana (4), Uttar Pradesh (6), Rajasthan (4), West Bengal (5, Andhra Pradesh (7).

Now there is good news. Deaf Matrimonial has come up with a Diwali offer. DM is offering free 1 year membership from 13th November to 19th November 2023 to the deaf females, unmarried deaf females, divorced deaf females, and widow deaf females all across India on their registration. There is an offer for boys as well.

There is an offer in the membership - Rs 3000 / year 

  Rs 5000 lifetime has been reduced to Rs 4000 / lifetime 

If you're looking to get married or know someone who could benefit from this offer, go to and register now. Let's spread the word and help create more heartwarming love stories within the deaf community. Like and subscribe to our channel for more inspiring content, and share this video with your deaf friends and family!

Contact Details Whatsapp for Deaf people to speak in ISL: +91 6353294663 / +91 9316674407 / +91 8799110615 / +91 9313014316 For normal people / parents to speak +91 8141200284