Deaf Festival 2019:19 Jan 2019

The Deaf Can Foundation organises amazing events at the Deaf Festival 2019.

A three day Deaf Festival was organised in Bhopal. Aqil Chinoy From ISH attended this event. 500 deaf persons attended this event. It was organise by the Deaf Can Foundation [DCF].

Priti Soni Shah was one of the organisers of the event. She had a lot to say when asked about the details of the program. She said that on the 18th many deaf people took part in  activities like bike racing, Go Karting and zip lining. Everyone was very excited about this event.

The place where the program was organised was newly opened. The place was extremely economical.

Priti said that, On the second day on the 19th, we had lucky draw, Mom & Kid fashion show, Miss Deaf fashion show, dance and dance by a transgender. They had also invited a deaf actress who had acted in films.

Award winning wrestler Virendra Singh Yadav was also invited.

On the 18th and 19th in the auditorium there was dance, drama, special food, exhibition and many activities. The entire program was organised by 3 girls without any male support. They had only one interpreter to help. The had responsibilities such as selection of hall, accommodation, booking of cars, pick up and drop service and many others. Male support was taken only 2 days before the event.

This was the first time an event like this has been organised in India. Aqil is very happy to see the hard work put in this program by all the deaf women.

He encourages viewers to stay tuned to know what happens next on the ISH page.