Cool Stickers in Indian Sign Language

Introducing cool stickers in Indian Sign Language! Quickly download them and enjoy chatting with your loved ones.



What's that? I have seen many people using these! Suppose we are joking on chat and kidding around or we are having an argument, then we can share Stickers. Stickers are short video clips that convey something funny, anger, and other emotions. These Stickers have a Hindi or English phrase on them. It's really cool! You don't use these right? Oooh! Even we have something like this! We have Stickers where a Deaf person is signing! Wait, I'll show you. I sent you, have a look. See even we have these!

Oh, we do! I never knew! This is amazing! Isn't that exciting! These Stickers are very funny and you will enjoy using it. It is in our native language ISL. Share these with your Deaf and hearing friends and have a fun conversation with them. So how do you use it? See this link here:

Click on the given link. Download the App. Then you will see the different Stickers. Click on Add to WhatsApp and the GIF appears in your WhatsApp GIF list. For now, we have created 30 Stickers and then we will add another 30. We will keep adding more. So keep adding these Stickers and share it with everyone. So go ahead and enjoy!

Click here to download and enjoy these amazing stickers: