BMB Hosts First Programme in Bhavnagar

Badhir Mandal Bhavnagar organised an event filled with inspiration & learning. Watch our latest video for all the details.

For a long time there has been no Deaf Association in Bhavnagar. Badhir Mandal Bhavnagar is the first Association to be setup for the Deaf in Bhavnagar. Their Founder & CEO is Manan Shah. They organised the first Accessibility Programme For Deaf Families and students. 

Deaf leaders such as Rajesh Ketkar, Project Director of MBM, gave a lecture on Bilingual Education in Action and Sunil Sahasrabudhe, Founder & Designated Partner of SIGNEX, gave a lecture on Ignorance is NOT Bliss. These lectures were extremely enlightening and helped to raise a lot of awareness among the Deaf community in Bhavnagar. 

An inspirational lecture was given by Aruni marwal who climbed Mt Everest even after losing both her limbs. Hearing students pursuing their B.Ed were invited as well. At the programme they learnt various methods to teach Deaf students. For the first time even Deaf students were invited so that they see the presentations and develop.