Announcement - New Project!

ISH is launching an exciting new project that is completely accessible and will help Deaf individuals improve their education and skills! Watch our video to learn all about it!

See this, ISH Shiksha is a new project that focuses on Education + Skills Development in fully accessible with ISL communication. The Deaf people in India are facing problems because of lack of proper quality Education.  Due to which they face lots of difficulties in Employment and maintaining a normal lifestyle. So, our goal is to improve the education and skills of the Deaf people to make them on par with the normal people and give them opportunities to lead a normal independent life.

In ISH Shiksha, we plan to offer different courses taught by professional teachers, either Deaf or Hearing and we will provide ISL interpreters for accessibility. We will keep on adding new courses so that you all will benefit from learning them and expanding your knowledge. 

How will you know about new courses? Please visit: 




Official Site: 

Then you can get automatic notifications of new courses! 

If you have skills that you want to teach, you can also apply and become teachers. So please do not wait. Go and get the courses and learn. Also share this video with your family, relatives, friends and spread the word.