3rd ISL Trivia in Mumbai

The 3rd ISL Trivia was held in Mumbai and many Deaf individuals attended this event. Watch the video to learn more.

Alim Chandani, the CEO of Access Mantra hosted the 3rd ISL Trivia in Mumbai. Many Deaf individuals attended the event. The event was a general knowledge quiz which was narrated in sign language. The trivia is aimed at showing the world that Deaf individuals are at par with the hearing community. 

ISH News representatives interviewed various members of the audience. People were grateful for a platform to socialise as well as increase their general knowledge. The audience just could not get enough and are already excited for the next programme.  

ISH News interviewed ISL Freelancer Sunil Sahasrabudhe ande his father Vikas Sahasrabudhe. They shared their insightful views in the videos. This event also had a very eager child participant who could sign fluently. The concept of ISL Trivia is one of a kind and extremely beneficial to the Deaf community in India.