12th Maharashtra Deaf Carrom Championship

The Deaf Carrom Association of Mumbai organised the 12th Maharashtra Carrom Championship, which was enjoyed by the deaf community.

ISH News Representative Vicky Shah was present at the 12th Maharashtra Deaf Carrom Championship. Where he met with the Chairman of Deaf Carrom Association Mr Harjit Singh Bharara, the President Mr Anil Shinde and the General Secretary Gregory G Victor.

Each of these men have contributed to the Carrom Association in multiple ways.They have worked very hard to provide services to the deaf which are at par with the hearing community. The Carrom Association aims to empower and support the deaf by organising carrom tournaments which they can easily participate. The associations honours the winners by giving award and certificates, which benefit the deaf

The Deaf Carrom Association strives to create an accessible environment for the deaf, where they can enjoy the sport. The next Carrom Championship will take place in the year February, 2020. We hope to see more participants there. To learn more about this organisation please visit, www.deafcarrom.org