10 Year Old Helps the Deaf Interpret Tough Situations

10 year old child prodigy is helping the deaf community interpret difficult situations. This brilliant girl not only helps by interpreting, but also helps them by resolving matters.

ISH News representative Mansi Shah met with a very special 10 year old girl. Fouziya is a child prodigy studying in class four. She is a hearing girl who is an expert in sign language. This girl helps the deaf community in her hometown of Khandwa by interpreting difficult situations for them. Be it in police stations, divorce matters, sports tournaments and cricket event, fouziya helps the deaf by interpreting everything.

The government has recognized her achievement and bestowed upon her multiple awards such as, a land to build a house on, a cooler and a cycle. ISH is in complete awe of her talents and her capability. We wish this is smart girl good luck and look forward to the bright future ahead of her.