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ISH News is working with Satvic Movement to provide information about leading a healthy natural lifestyle through Indian Sign Language interpretation!

At the age of 17, when Subah Saraf was diagnosed with thyroid, hair fall and PCOD, her father took her to a 4-day nature cure camp conducted by Acharya Mohan Gupta Ji, where she learnt the meaning of true health. There she learnt more in 4 days than she had learnt in her entire life. She followed the teachings that she had learnt in the camp for 3 months and completely cured herself of all her diseases. Her father's diabetes also got reversed. That is when she decided to dedicate her life to sharing this precious knowledge of Mother Nature with every person on this earth. She studied at Hippocrates Health Institute, Florida where she became a certified health educator. She also studied in various culinary institutes in California and developed exotic recipes that are both healing & delicious. Now, she is spreading this knowledge through her YouTube channel ‘Satvic Movement’. She creates videos and health seminars worldwide, as a non-profit social initiative to mankind. On her channel Subah teaches people that by simply changing their food & lifestyle, they can cure their chronic diseases instead of just popping pills. They provide holistic knowledge about health, coming from our vedas & scriptures.

Now ISH News is working with Satvic Movement to make their content accessible to the Deaf Community.

We will translate their videos related to PCOS, healthy food, skincare, etc. in Indian Sign Language. These will be done by expert interpreters. It will help the Deaf clearly understand information and they can make healthy lifestyle choices.nWe will be releasing 2 videos every week. Monday and Friday. Hope you are excited. Make sure you are following us on all Social Media platforms and have turned on notifications so you never miss out on a video by ISH News.