The Dark Truth of the Deaf | IWD 2022| Malayalam

We are celebrating the International Week of the Deaf 2022 but there is a dark truth about the Deaf, that has constantly been swept under the rug. Watch the video to know about it.

You Deaf people are all stupid. You are Deaf? You are also stupid! You are Deaf? Also stupid as well. I am Deaf and I am stupid too. All Deaf are fools. Deaf people across India are stupid. Yes, it is right. All thanks to the 1880 Milan Conference in Italy which banned Sign Language. A huge round of applause to them. They worked so hard to find alternative methods like oralism and hearing aids. They did this to make the Deaf speak and become at par with the hearing. Now see! We are all so happy! We have all become totally dim-witted! Before the 1880, during the 1700s, Deaf people were very bright! They knew how to communicate, carry out their business and were very astute. Why? Because they used Sign Language. After 1880, all Deaf people became very dull. Thanks to the conference! You must thank them! You must! Come on, say "thank you" and applaud them. Hey! Did you know that in 2010, at the Canadian conference, they issued an apology for the ban and proclaimed their support for Sign Language. That's it? Now what?


Has there been any change? The Deaf are still the same! It's 2022 now, but the Deaf are still dim witted! Teachers? Teachers? Hello teachers! Did you change? Nope! After the Sign Language ban in 1880, teachers roled up their sleeves and immediately began demonstrating the benefits of oralism, hearing aids, etc. Now in 2010, the apology was issued and Sign Language was encouraged. So teachers, come on! But you are still sitting mute. Why? Do you prefer the Deaf to continue to be Dumb?


Is it for the position? The salary? What is it? The politics? Business? Or are you afraid? Maybe you have been telling parents that oralism is better than Sign Language. After the apology, are you hesitant to encourage Sign Language fearing the parents backlash? What is it? Do you want generations of Deaf to get oral education? Is that what you want?

I have always been told, teachers are very important and are Gurus. We must touch their feet. After them, are the parents. I agree and we all revere our teachers as Gurus and touch their feet. But.. Deaf people are still empty-headed! Do you know why? Innocent Deaf children go to school in their uniforms, school bags and wearing hearing aids. They are forced to speak. When they get tired, teachers hit them on their hands. A spoon is put in their mouth and they are forced to speak. No matter how tired the child is, the teacher still forces to speak. When dignitaries visit they are forced to stand and speak. They are applauded and the school receives a hefty donation. That's it? Now what? Do you know when students go to school, they are able to advance as they have access to unlimited education.


I want the same! In the 10 years of my education, I only learnt 500 words! That's it! Teachers, how difficult is it for you to change? What is the role of a teacher? Isn't it their mission to use the right method of teaching the students that would ensure their success. Don't you want this? You are giving the Deaf oralism? Is this what you want? Listen up, I want to inform you all that Deaf individuals too dream of having a family, having children, buying a home, a car, etc. We do have such dreams. We are not dumb. Who is responsible for this? You teachers, doctors, principals and the society! You are imposings your whims on us!

You shun Sign Language and call us monkeys. You all encourage oralism, hearing aids, cochlear implants, etc. This is what is making us dumb. Because of you, we are unable to achieve our dreams. Please stop. Just stop it. Come on, let's look at an example. Did you invent the rains? Did I make it? No? Then who made it? Rains are a natural phenomenon. Do you cringe at rain and come up with tech to block the rains? Can you do that? No, right? Do you have any ideas to do this? Impossible? Why don't you just try to invent some tech? If we can't stop the rains, then how do we go out and not get wet? mEven though rain is a natural phenomenon, we created umbrellas to protect us from the rains. Did you understand anything? Being Deaf is also natural. Deafness is a part of nature, so please stop altering them by giving them cochlear implants, hearing aids, etc. Deaf individuals only want education. They want to progress with knowledge in Sign Language.


When Deaf individuals say, 'Can we get funds for education?' The response is - 'No No No'. Even though the funds are for education that would lead to prosperity, the response is still for 'No No No'. For hearing aids and cochlear implants, you will immediately tear off a cheque and pat you on the back. Please stop this. Please! Do you know that the government is fed up with the Deaf. The Deaf constantly badger the government by saying, 'Give us employment, give us pension, concessions.' They say, 'Give us free housing, free food.' The government is fed up by this constant pestering. The government wonders why the Deaf keep nagging them. Deaf are always labeled for wanting things for free. Why? Because they have no knowledge and this is because schools don't provide education in Sign Language.

When they are unable to get jobs, they keep nagging the government for free incentives.

If schools provided education in Sign Language, then the Deaf can do so much like setting up a business and many other things! They would truly be a part of India and help the economy boom! This is POSSIBLE. It really is possible! Just try and give us what we are asking for. Just try! Please.


Deaf people and their parents hate one another. Do you know the reason for this hate? Thanks to all you teachers & doctors who tell parents that Deaf children are a huge problem.

This causes Parents to panic thinking that they are unable to communicate with the child.

Deaf children see parents conversing with their siblings but not with them. They feel unloved & detest their parents. Do you know why? Deaf gain no knowledge from schools. When they speak, teachers applaud and pat them on the back. But at home, they are told to lower their voice. In school, they are praised and at home they are judged. When they ask to get married, they are ignored and the younger sibling is married first. When it comes to inheriting the house, again the younger sibling is given everything. The Deaf's wants are never fulfilled. Why? Why is this! Don't you understand our lives are totally ruined. Were Deaf individuals born to be robots? Are we dolls meant to be thrown aside to die? What is the meaning of our existence? Please think!


Am I finished? There is a never-ending list. What do Deaf people work as? As sweepers, in malls, they quietly do the same type of jobs. There is no enthusiasm on their face. They go back home tired, switch on the TV and what do they see, the spoken language. Not a word is understood. We pay for the cable, the internet from our salary which is peanuts. We demand for Sign Language translation but film makers refuse as it looks inappropriate. There are refusals everywhere. They refuse to put ISL translation on movies as it does not look good.

They prefer to keep the screen plain to appease the hearing audience. These filmmakers tell the Deaf to ignore the spoken dialogues & focus on the gestures. You don't want us Deaf people to understand anything? Are we supposed to live our life like beggars asking for help? Are we supposed to do this for life?


Thank you, friends. I would like to thank all Deaf associations, leaders, who strongly advocated & created opportunities. Older generations of Deaf individuals were beaten black and blue, and forced to speak. They faced barriers, did not get jobs, got fed up and they created associations to carry out advocacy. A huge round of applause and respect to all of them. Teachers, principals, doctors, and society have pushed the Deaf to such extremes. The Deaf Community has always pushed back and the advocacy still continues. But still the level of knowledge is ZERO. It saddens me to see this advocacy being suppressed. What is the need for this? I think we are celebrating "International Week of the Deaf" or "World Deaf Day" or "The Day of Sign Language". I am sure you will invite teachers, principals, doctors, as chief guests for your events. They will merely demonstrate signs for A-B, giggle and say "thank you". That's it? After that nothing? No change? Honestly, I am very tired! You need to have a change of heart. If not, I am just tired!