Sugar V/s Jaggery: Which is better?

Find out why Jaggery is a healthier choice than sugar as it's naturally processed, retains more nutrients, and doesn't involve chemicals.

Sugar and jaggery both are commonly used sweeteners. Sugar and jaggery both are made from sugarcane but the process is different. However, there is a huge difference in their properties and benefits. Because of the difference in processing, their properties and benefits are different. Earlier while making sugar, first juice was extracted from the sugarcane and then dried under sunlight. However, nowadays the process has changed drastically. Refined sugar available in the market which we buy, involves artificially removing and adding vitamins. Processed sugar is unnatural because of the use of chemicals. That is why sugar is not the best for health especially when taken in excessive amounts as it can cause weight gain, tiredness, diabetes, fever, etc. Meanwhile, jaggery goes through a natural process. Sugarcane juice is first extracted and boiled to extract the thickness. After hours of cooling, the result is Jaggery. Jaggery also uses one chemical to maintain the color of the sugarcane juice, which is Brown. In the end, jaggery holds more nutritional value than sugar as sugar loses all its nutritional value during the preparation, jaggery keeps all of its nutritional value. The significant difference between sugar and jaggery is the separation process and the addition of chemicals in the sugar. Jaggery is considered a superfood as it contains more vitamins and minerals when compared to white sugar.