Part 2: Indira Gandhi Announces Emergency

Indira Gandhi's imposition of emergency, her son Sanjay's controversial influence, and the dark consequences that followed marked a turbulent chapter in Indian history.

Indira Gandhi faced serious trouble when a court found her guilty of election cheating but cleared her of bribery accusations. However, they barred her from politics for six years. Even with this, her supporters remained fiercely loyal, rallying around her.

But her opponents, like Jayaprakash Narayan and Morarji Desai, led big protests against her government. Feeling threatened, she declared a state of emergency, grabbing immense power. This allowed her to arrest opposition leaders, control the media, and rule almost like a dictator for about 21 months.

During this time, her son Sanjay Gandhi gained significant influence. He enforced a controversial sterilization program, forcibly sterilizing thousands of men, and demolished slums in the name of urban renewal, leaving many homeless.

After the emergency ended, questions lingered about Indira Gandhi's involvement in Sanjay's death in a plane crash. However, more challenges awaited her, including dealing with the Khalistan movement and launching Operation Blue Star. The next part promises to unravel these chapters in Indira Gandhi's life.

Keep watching ISH News for the next part, where we'll cover post-emergency India, the Khalistan movement, Operation Blue Star, and the aftermath of these significant events in Indira Gandhi's legacy.