International Week of Deaf 2021 Day 5: Intersectional Deaf Communities

Today is the 5th day of the International Week of Deaf 2021! Watch our latest video to learn about the significance of today’s theme!

Today 24 September 2021 is the 5th day of the International Week of the Deaf and the theme is Intersectional Deaf Communities. First let's learn the meaning of 'Intersectionality'. For example there are 2 individuals. Let's look at who is individual No.1. The person is fair skinned, from a well educated family, financially strong, receives complete accessibility, etc. This is the person's identity which helps him succeed in life. Now individual no.2 is from an uneducated illiterate family, with financial difficulties, living in a rural village, the person is dark skinned, belonging to a backward community, etc. Since individual no.2 is at a disadvantage, it is a form of oppression as they face multiple difficulties in life. Whereas individual 1 leads a smooth life. Now if individual No 2 is Deaf, they face more problems. This is called intersectionality and there are many such individuals. The biggest problem Deaf individuals face is no accessibility, education, employment, etc. Such individuals from uneducated families, also face problems in education. Those living in rural areas do not get accessibility and suffer a lot. This is the meaning of Intersectional Deaf Communities. Even the UN has stated that Intersectional Deaf Communities must be given accessibility & equal status. Similarly Deaf individuals who are suffering must not be ignored. They should be given accessibility, jobs, equal status, etc. There must be awareness about Deaf Culture! This is why today we must create awareness about the importance of Sign Language.