Easy Recipes: Satvic Daal, Coconut Curry, Poha & Wheat Curry

ISH News is now making Satvic Movement’s video accessible in Indian Sign Language! Watch our latest video to learn how to make Satvic Daal, Coconut Curry, Poha & Wheat Curry.

In this video, we'll learn 4 new healthy and tasty lunch recipes. 


First we'll prepare a hot lentil stew. After that, a creamy and South Indian flavour packed coconut curry. Then we'll make a colourful and delicious poha. The poha you usually make at home, this Satvic poha is 3 times more nutritious. 


And finally, our special Indian flavour-packed recipe - the wheat pea bowl. So come let's start with our 1st recipe, which is the golden lentil stew. You can have it as a complete meal.




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