Health Benefits of Green Garlic

To know the health benefits of Green Garlic watch our latest video!

You all know garlic, it looks like this. See this picture? This is also garlic but before it becomes big and round. It is called green garlic. Green Garlic is very good for health and is used to treat various health problems. 

The small garlic at the bottom and the green stem both are used in cooking. You can use it to make chutney, parathas, salad, use it in vegetables, etc. and it is only found in the winter season! You must have seen it in vegetable markets and ignored it. 

 1. Boosts immune system

 2. Green garlic protects the body from infections. 

 3. People who have less blood in them can eat green garlic as it helps to increase blood and keeps you healthy. 

 4. Good for heart: 

5. Green garlic helps to protect from cold and cough, and also removes infection from the stomach. 

How interesting! Next time you are at the market do pick it up and share your recipes with ISH news!