6 Golden Rules of Sleeping According to Ayurveda

Here are a few golden rules related to sleeping according to Ayurveda

Sleep plays the most significant role in leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Now that you know that sleep is one of the most important parts in a human being's life, here are a few rules related to sleep according to Ayurveda.

Rule Number 1-

You should always have a fixed sleeping time that should always be before 11PM in the night. Your sleeping time should be as consistent as brushing your teeth in the morning. It will enhance your mental and physical health and will lead to more productivity in your day-to-day lifestyle.

Rule Number 2-

This is a very basic, yet a very important rule. You should never hold your urge to sleep, when you feel like sleeping, you should straightaway go to bed without compromising on your sleep and forcing your body to work. Forcing your body to work and controlling your urge to sleep can cause headaches and weakness which greatly affects your productivity.

Rule Number 3-

You should always wear loose and comfortable clothes at the time of your sleep, this will enhance the quality of your sleep and will even help you to fall asleep faster, Moreover, along with clothes on your body, the bedsheets and blankets you use should also be clean and hygienic as it will also impact a better quality of sleep.

Rule Number 4-

Where some of us have this habit of sleeping with lights on, it is recommended to sleep in a pitch dark room as it is soothing for your eyes and prevents your sleep to be broken in between the night. Also sleeping in darkness enhances concentration and promotes good mental health.

Rule Number 5-

Some people often tend to compensate their night sleep with taking a nap during the day, however sleeping at night has the best health benefits.

Rule Number 6:

In 2022 between the tight schedules we often think that we’ll be able to compensate for our weekday sleep by sleeping extra on the weekends, however sleeping more on weekends has negative impacts on your lifestyle.

It greatly affects your daily schedule and causes problems like lethargy, low energy and an increased urge to sleep. You should maintain your sleep cycle throughout the week and try to implement the same even on the weekends. These were 6 basic rules, according to Ayurveda which might help you to sleep better and ultimately lead to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Do you practice these sleeping rules? If not yet we would recommend you to start practicing it from today, and notice the difference yourself.