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The Best Valentine’s Day Gift

OMVAI has created a beautiful ‘I Love You’ Sign Language pendant, which has been creatively designed. This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift! To know more, watch our latest video.

Ep.4 of The OMVAI Talkshow with Aditi Agarwal

The OMVAI Talk Show has released their 4th Episode featuring Aditi Agarwal the co-founder of “Gudgudee.”

Ep.3 Of The OMVAI Talk Show with Dr Sai Kaustuv

The OMVAI Talkshow has released their third episode featuring Motivational Happiness Coach Dr Sai Kaustuv. Watch the video to learn the secret of a happy and fulfilled live.

Ep. 2 of The OMVAI Talk Show with Aloke Ghosh

The OMVAI Talk Show has released their second episode featuring the finance expert Aloke Ghosh. Watch the video to get inspired and motivated.

Clearing the Misunderstandings of OMVAI Show

ISH News understands its responsibility towards the Deaf community in India. This is why we have released a video clarifying all the misconceptions that have been doing the rounds on social media rega

Presenting “The Omvai Talk Show”

Deaf Engineer and Entrepreneur Vaibhav Kothari has created a one of a kind talk show where he will interview exceptional leaders from different areas. Mr Kothari will conduct the interview in sign lan