Clearing the Misunderstandings of OMVAI Show

ISH News understands its responsibility towards the Deaf community in India. This is why we have released a video clarifying all the misconceptions that have been doing the rounds on social media rega

There have been many videos circulating on social media about our video concerning the OMVAI Talk Show. Vaibhav Kothari the host of the Talk Show is more comfortable in ASL so he chose that to be the language for his show. It was solely his choice. His talk show has an International audience as well, which is why he provided accessibility in the form of subtitles. Coming to the point about ISH News working with OMVAI. In India, for the first time a Deaf professional got the chance to interview 10 business personalities. Plus this show was accessible as well. ISH News wanted to present this venture in front of the Indian Deaf community. ISH wanted to show the Deaf community, that a Deaf person can interview a hearing businessman. We also wanted to show the hearing community that with proper accessibility a Deaf person can do anything.This is the main reason why ISH News decided to promote his show. Your feedback to Vaibhav will ensure Vaibhav makes the changes suited for the Deaf community in India.  

One individual has pointed out that we deliberately did not say the video was in ASL. If you go see our video again, you will see that we have inserted the trailer of the show. The trailer clearly shows that the video is in ASL. We wanted our viewers to see the video themselves and decide if they understand it or not. If ISH News really wanted to avoid mentioning ASL, we would never have shown the trailer in the first place. We have in no way forced or bullied our viewers in following or liking Vaibhav's video.

Now let me tell you about ISH News. We are just like any other News channel or TV Channel. These channels have multiple shows on their platforms to cater to all diverse viewers. ISH News works in the same way. We deliver different types of content to the Deaf Community with all the accessible tools. We strive to empower the community to decide what type of content they like. If our work is appreciated then the viewer can like or follow. We have never force anyone to like our videos. Viewers have the option to leave comments as well. There is one person who is saying that our Deaf team at ISH News is fooling the Deaf community which is a negative conception. Whereas ISH News is not fooling but providing accessibility and empowerment. We will continue to provide you - our viewers - with diverse content. Think of it like a buffet, you can pick and choose whatever you like.

ISH News has released many controversial videos in the past that some Deaf may have not agreed with. We would like to make one thing very clear. We deliver accessible news so that viewers can make up their mind. Our aim behind releasing such videos is to empower the community by giving them all the facts. If they feel that a particular news is incorrect, then the individual is welcome to reply in comments like hearing people do or record a video himself and share with us with the correct facts. By spreading news providing with you with information and having discussions will create a positive change and impact in the deaf community. Discussions like these are very important. Without this our community will never develop.We welcome any and all feedbacks.