Presenting “The Omvai Talk Show”

Deaf Engineer and Entrepreneur Vaibhav Kothari has created a one of a kind talk show where he will interview exceptional leaders from different areas. Mr Kothari will conduct the interview in sign lan

Vaibhav Kothari is a Deaf Engineer, Entrepreneur and a Motivational Speaker. Vaibhav has created a one of a kind talk show. It’s called the “The OMVAI Talkshow”. For the first time you will see a Deaf man interview famous business personalities in Sign Language! He has created this talk show with the aim to gather inspirational stories and experiences from talented and hard working professionals. The people he interviews on his talk show are leaders who have showed their brilliance in different fields and brought a positive change in the society. 

Vaibhav interviews 10 exceptional business leaders in the Season 1. He will be releasing one episode per week. Each episode will be 20-minutes. The 1st episode features Laskhmi Pratury the founder of INK Talks. INK Talk is a company that brings people together through different programs, events and our annual conference. At these events people share their inspiring stories. INK Talks encourages talented individuals from different fields to share their stories and motivate others. 

In this episode Vaibhav interviews Lakshmi to understand what motivated her to start INK Talks. Lakshmi shares his different experience and inspirational stories. This episode of The OmVai Talkshow is a must watch. Vaibhav’s excellent questions and Lakshmi’s heart warming answers will surely inspire you. Wasn’t that interesting! The first episode is already out on their social media pages. Every week before the release of the video, ISH News will keep reminding you and give you a sneak peak at the guest.