YouTuber Jailed for Prank on Homeless Man
Jun 9, 2019

A Spanish YouTube Vlogger is sentenced to 15 months in jail for playing a cruel prank on a homeless man.

Kanghua Ren is a vlogger on YouTube from Barcelona, Spain. Mr Ren has 1.2 million followers on YouTube. One of his followers said that he should eat an Oreo biscuit filled with toothpaste. However, instead of eating it himself, he went to a homeless man gave him €20 to eat the biscuit. He filmed all of this. When the homeless man ate the biscuit, he vomited. The video went viral and he earned €2000 from advertising on the video he released.

After he uploaded the video he faced many criticisms for being cruel. He deleted the video and offered the man  € 300 to not lodge a police complaint. The man did not accept it and went to the police to lodge a complaint. After the investigation it was found that this was not the first time Mr. Ren had done these types of cruel pranks. The court found him guilty and has been ordered to pay the victim €20,000 as compensation. They even ordered Mr.Ren to shut down his YouTube channel. He cann ot post any videos till 2024.

He has been given a jail sentence of 15 months for “violating the moral integrity” of the victim in a prank he did on a homeless man. But he is unlikely to go to jail, as in Spain for first time offenders for nonviolent crimes the person does not go to jail if the sentence is for less than 2 years but instead is suspended.