US Kills ISIS Chief Baghdadi
Oct 30, 2019

American President Donald Trump proclaimed the death of ISIS Chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the complete annihilation of ISIS.

On Sunday, American President Donald Trump Tweeted and announced that the American army killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Trump said that he died like a dog and a coward 

He also said that said that the army were tracking Baghdadi for a few weeks.On Sunday, eight American helicopters took off from northern Iraq and went to Northern Syria where Baghdadi was staying. The army was tracking Baghdadi’s movements. The American army first told Baghdadi to come out but he refused. That’s when the army entered. When the American army entered, Baghdadi ran to save his life. 

He had a suicide vest. When he ran he took three of his children along with him. He ran to save his life but when he saw the tunnel was a dead end, he exploded the bomb which killed him and his children.Trump also said that he was crying and screaming when he ran. With his death, America has completely destroyed the ISIS. Many children that were found and they were taken to an unknown location. An ISIS informant, provided Baghdadi’s underwear and blood sample that helped to confirm his identity. 

Trump said that the soldiers safety was top priority.When the soldiers were safe that's when Trump tweeted and made the announcement. The exact number of people killed on Baghdadi's team will be confirmed over the next few days. Trump said it's dangerous for the US to fly over another country but he had support from the countries. Russia, Turkey, Syria and Iraq all supported America. Baghdadi’s remains have been buried at sea.