US Approves Trump's Impeachment Process
Nov 4, 2019

In their desperation to have Donald Trump impeached, the Democrats have managed to seek the approval of the House of Representatives to begin Trump’s impeachment process.

Joe Biden is Donald Trump’s opponent in the 2020 American elections. Officials found proof that Trump spoke to the President of Ukraine on July 25 and asked for his help to defeat Joe Biden. Like we have the Lok Sabha in India, the US has the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives is made up of members from the Republican Party and the Democrat Party. 

For a long time the Democrats said that they want to remove Trump from the President’s post.Removing a president is not easy and there is a process. It is called ‘Impeachment’. After the members voted,  the House of Representatives approved to start the process to remove Trump as the President. 

Now the case will be presented in the United States Senate. After listening to the case they will vote whether Trump should be removed or not. In the Senate, the Republicans have 53 seats and the Democrats have 47. So mostly Trump will remain the President. However we will have to wait and watch because the Democrats desperately want to remove Trump. In history, an American President has never been removed.