UP Women's Commission - Girls Shouldn't get Mobiles
Jun 11, 2021

A shocking remark by a member of the Uttar Pradesh Women's Commission has underlined the deep-seated misogyny and gender issues that continue to haunt Indian society.


A member of the Uttar Pradesh Women's Commission had made a shocking statement. 

In response to a question about increasing rape cases and the state's plans to reduce crime against women, Commission member Meena Kumari told reporters: 


 “I appeal to parents not to give mobile phones to daughters... if they do, phones should be checked regularly. All this is due to negligence by mothers. We, as parents and society, have to put a check on our daughters... always see where they are going, and which boys they are sitting with. We have to check their mobile phones... girls will keep talking on their phone and then they run away.” After she said this, people on social media became very angry at her narrow minded thinking and started criticizing her. People were shocked as to how she being a woman and a member of the Women's Commission could say something like this. 


Ms Kumari issued a clarification saying that, "My statement has been misinterpreted. What I said was that parents should check whether their children are using mobile phones for studies or other purposes. I never said that if girls use phones they will run away with boys,"