Tamil Actor Vijay Summoned By Income Tax Department
Feb 12, 2020

South Indian superstar Vijay, has been summoned by the Income tax authorities for questioning.

Vijay is a famous South Indian Actor. Anbu Chezhiyan is a movie financier and also owns a movie production house.Vijay recently acted in a film called ‘Bigil’ which was produced by AGS Entertainment & Anbu Chezhiyan. The film was a super hit and had earned a profit of more than Rs 300 crore.The Income Tax conducted Raids at the properties of Vijay, financier Anbu Chelian and AGS Entertainment. When they raided these places, they found that the profits from ‘Bigil’ which were disclosed by the Vijay, Cheziyan & AGS were a lie. 

The Income Tax department paid a surprise visit to actor Vijay on the sets of ‘Master’ which is being shot at the Neyveli coal mines on February 5 and even took him to his Chennai home for further investigation.Income Tax officials were at Vijay’s house for more than 23 hours. However no money or documents were seized. It was revealed that Vijay had been paid Rs 30 crore for the film. About 38 premises of AC were searched in Chennai and Madurai. The tax department found Rs 300 crore hidden income.

The IT department had seized Rs 77 crore unaccounted cash, belonging to AC which was hidden in various places.Now the IT department has told Vijay to come to the Income Tax office for questioning on 13th February in Chennai. Meanwhile, Vijay who is back to the sets of 'Master' at Neyveli, after the Income Tax investigation, has been receiving a lot of support from his fans.