Sourav Ganguly Named BCCI President
Oct 15, 2019

Sourav Ganguly has been named as the sole nominee for BCCI President, but with no one else running against him it is a guarantee he will win and be announced as new President on 23rd October.

Sourav Ganguly aged 47 has been announced as the sole BCCI president-elect nominee in Mumbai, on Monday 14th October, he will become the official president on October 23rd.

In an interview after the announcement, he said his first order of business is to “get the house in order”  

Ganguly was only informed of his nomination at 10:30 pm on 13th October and said he was surprised and said it is a very important time in Indian Cricket. Ganguly played for India from 1992-2008, he became the captain in 2000 and went on to be one of the most successful captains in Indian Cricket History. 

He wants to concentrate on First-Class cricket and making sure the investment is going to the correct places and bringing up the youth of the country into top-flight cricket. 

Another main focus will be to start receiving a larger cut of the money made by the ICC, saying Indian Cricket generated 70-75 % of the revenue of the ICC and the BCCI does not receive the money we deserve in 3-4 years.