Patanjali Enters Agriculture Sector to Help Farmers
The Print
Feb 9, 2019

Patanjali files patents with the Indian government to help Indian farmers increase crop production.

Patanjali has now decided to enter the agriculture sector. The company has filed four patents with the Indian government which claims to be an unique organic fertilise. According to the information on the patent application, the company claims to have produced chemical-free fertilisers.

The fertilisers is made of turmeric, aloe vera, different herbs and natural sweeteners to increase the growth of crops in the field. The company says that the fertilisers contain manure from Indian cows. They say they have also added many nutrients and minerals to boost crop production.

Acharya Bal Krishna is the Managing director of Patanjali Ayurveda. He said that, the company wants to invest in the Agriculture business so that they can help the farmers. He also said that their fertilizers will increase the crop production, which will benefit farmers.   

Patanjali has hired four scientist from the country’s top agriculture universities to help with their project.