Now Mumbai Police to Issue E-Challans
The Hindu
Mar 14, 2019

Mumbai police started helping the traffic police , due an increase in the cases of drunk driving, overspeeding vehicles and bikers riding without helmets. The Mumbai Police will now have the authority

Mumbai has witnessed many cases of drunk driving, overspeeding vehicles and bikers riding without helmets.That is why one year ago, the Mumbai Police started helping the traffic police, to fine offenders. They were even allowed to collect fines and issue manual receipts.

The Traffic Police have installed CCTV all over the city which records the the traffic footage. When a person is speeding, or breaks the signal the CCTV camera will take a picture of the vehicle.The police will then try to find out the number of the vehicle from the picture. The traffic police will then contact the RTO which will provide all the details such as the name of the owner, model of the vehicle, phone number and address.As soon as they get the details, a SMS is sent to the that person. The E-Challan has helped the police keep a record the all the law breaking citizens. Now just like the Traffic Police, the Mumbai Police will also issue E-Challans, to people who break traffic rules.

If the police find that a person has broken multiple laws then they can cancel their license, impose or fine or send them to prison, depending on the the what the court decides. The E-Challan has helped to catch my many people. This has also helped to reduce corruption among the Traffic Police and the Mumbai Police.