Modi Wins Artistes Support
The Times Of India
Apr 12, 2019

Various performing artistes of the country have pledged to support Prime Minister Modi, in the upcoming elections.

A number of actors, and other artistes in our country, have come forward, and encouraged people to vote for a “mazboot sarkar”, and not a “majboor sarkar”. Hence, over 900 artistes in our country have pledged their support to the current Prime Minister, Mr Modi, and have encouraged the voters in our country to vote for the BJP government.

Among these 900 artistes,  are famous and well known personalities like Pandit Jasraj, Vivek Oberoi, Rita Ganguli etc.

In a statement released by these artistes, they have appealed to the citizens to cast their vote in a free and fair manner, without any biases. They said that the current need of the hour is a strong government, and not one which acts only out of compulsion or obligation.

Vinay Sahasrabudhe, who is the current Chairman of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations or ICCR, and also an MP of the Rajya Sabha from the BJP, said that artistes have a social responsibility, and some of them join mainstream politics. Hence, it was important that other artistes too come forward and fulfil their social responsibility.

This idea was jointly shared by Shankar Mahadevan, Triloki Nath Mishra, Anuradha Paudwal etc.

The joint statement said that, over the last five years, India had witnessed a corruption free government, which carried out development based administration.