Man Donates His Entire Stock To Kerala Floods
Aug 18, 2019

A man from Kerala stunned the world when he donated his entire textile stock to help the victims of floods in Kerala.

There have been dangerous floods in Kerala for the past few days now. More than 2.3 lakh people have lost their homes and are living in Relief Camps. Volunteers and NGOs from all over Kerala are working very hard to collect food, water, medicine, clothes, sanitary napkins, etc.Local NGOs and social organisations are involved in providing relief materials to the flood-affected people. A heartwarming story had emerged on the occasion of Eid. Malayalam actor Rajesh Sharma and A few volunteers were collecting materials for the victims of the flood. They approached a man named Noushad, a garment seller from Ernakulam. They asked him if he wanted to make any donations for the victims of the flood. 

Noushad took them to his godown and started pulling out his entire stock and packed them into bags. Sharma and the volunteers were shocked to see this. Noushad kept removing clothes and packing them. Sharma even tried to stop him from giving clothes, but Noushad would not listen. Noushad donated all the dress materials (Salwar kameez material)l he had purchased to sell during Eid to help the flood victims.A video of him shared by the actor Rajesh Sharma is going viral on social media.

When volunteers tried to stop him he said that, Tomorrow is Eid, this is my Eid. When I die, I can't take any of these with me. My profit is helping others,"Such kind acts once again show how humanity is above all and it is upon us to help those around us who are in need. There were hardly any Eid celebrations. Many mosque and community leaders have urged the people to avoid celebrating and instead use the resources to help the flood victims.