Major Restrictions in Ayodhya Ahead of Verdict
Nov 7, 2019

Ahead of the Supreme Court’s verdict regarding the Ayodhya case, the UP government has imposed strict laws.

Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi will announce the court’s decision about the Ayodhya case before his retirement on November 17. Ayodhya is in UP. The UP Government fears that after the decision of the court is announced there may be dangerous protests and a lot of violence.To prevent any problems the UP government has announced a list of strict rules in the state. The laws started from October 31 and will continue till December 28. The government has banned people from posting about God and religion on social media. Even debates about the Ayodhya case has been banned. All calls made during this period will be recorded and scanned.

Installation of any idol of any God in public as well as victory procession on the day of the announcement is banned.Collecting stones or bricks has been banned and sale of kerosene and acid has also been stopped. There's a blanket ban on any event, rally or cultural programme in Ayodhya.Muslims in Ayodhya have requested the government to send the army to Ayodhya. The Muslims have said that if the army will be present they will feel more safe. 

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has also asked his ministers to not talk about the Ayodhya issue.All over the country states are on high alert. The police are working hard to make sure there are no problems before and after the decision is announced.