ISRO Spots Vikram Lander on the Moon
The Times Of India
Sep 9, 2019

The Chandrayaan-2’s orbiter has taken images of the Vikram Lander from the moon’s surface.

The Vikram Lander was supposed to land on the moon 1:53 am on 7th September but ISRO lost communication with the lander. It was then found that the lander deviated from its original path. All this happened just 3 minutes it was supposed to land. 

Scientists at ISRO and the entire country were very sad. ISRO has not able to contact the Vikram lander since the morning of 7th September. Yesterday on Sunday, ISRO Chairman K Sivan confirmed that Chandrayaan-2’s Orbiter clicked images of the Vikram Lander on the moon’s surface. When the image was taken scientists had to confirm if the object was the lander. They then checked old images of the same site. Old images did not show any object in that area. This is how they confirmed it was the Vikram Lander. This means that instead of soft landing on the moon, the Vikram Lander crash landed. 

K Sivan said right now they have no information if the lander is damaged or not. ISRO is trying to reestablish communication with the lander. Officials say that Chandrayaan-2 was not a failure. The Vikram Lander failed to land yes. The orbiter is where 95 per cent of the experiments are. The orbiter is safely in lunar orbit and performing its mission. The orbiter has a life of 1 year and will take pictures and help scientists learn more about the moon. NASA said it was inspired by the C-2 mission and it will tie up with ISRO to explore the Solar System. ISRO has also installed NASA’s payload in lander . This will help to know why the lander lost contact.